Shenzhen Children’s Clothing Wholesale Market

Shenzhen Children’s clothing wholesale market here is the domestic foreign trade garment export and wholesale center, traffic, visitors to the area many. That children’s clothing in Shenzhen specific distribution in which clothing wholesale market?

Sungang clothing business district and Wang Hong foreign trade clothing business district.

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Humen Fumin Children’s Center

Humen Fumin children’s center, is located in Humen new core values of Fumin fashion business center negative to the seventh floor, with a total area of nearly 50000 square meters, more than 1500 between the 20 – 100 square meters of shops, clear market positioning, Yetai division clear. Wherein, the negative 1 floor for shoes, toys and baby products area, 1, 2 floor brand children’s clothing wholesale and retail display area, 3 floor for children’s wear brand in southern China Trade and exhibition area, 4, 5 floor for Humen clothing brand exhibition and trade headquarters, 6th floor for the national well-known brand South China Exhibition and trade headquarters, 7th floor is electronic commerce demonstration area, 8 floor for supporting the dining area, 9 floor above to the 19th floor brand office area, 20-23 building for the public service platform.

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Guangzhou Children’s Clothing Wholesale Market

Guangzhou is located in the coastal areas of Southern China, close to Hongkong, Macao area of unique conditions, the formation of garment processing industry scale, a large number of enterprises to undertake garment processing orders. Guangzhou Children’s clothing wholesale market is the largest children’s clothing wholesale market, here is the domestic garment production base and wholesale center, guest flow is large, the visitor’s area is numerous.

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